Daily Thought[s]

It’s better to say nothing at all then saying something and tipped a quarell.

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Daily Thought[s]

All I want from him is a simple sorry. It’s simple, right? Right? Well, I guess it’s not that simple.

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The Lost and Love [FILE 12]

By : Vi 

Cast : Oh Sehun (EXO), Im Nayoung (OC)

Genre : Marriage Life, Romance, Angst

Length : Chaptered

Rating : PG-17

Disclaimer : I own the plot and the stories. This story is purely mine, I created it myself from my own wild imagination. Cast besides OC(s) belongs to God and their relatives. I might have posted this story on another blog. Last but not least, please don’t be plagiators and siders! Thank you for your concern.



FILE 1 // FILE 2// FILE 3 // FILE 4 // FILE 5 // FILE 6 // FILE 7 // FILE 8 // FILE 9 // FILE 10 // FILE 11

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