Welcome to my little yet full of secrets office! Please feel free to take any case in my office. And if I may to alarm you, they’ll screw your mind up. So, I sincerely warn you to choose your case wisely. Some of them might take some painstaking analyzing skill to read for.

I’ve warned you!

Some cases might be protected with some codes, but don’t worry, I’ve solved all of them for you (you can thank me later) and for those who wants to see the protected case badly, you guys can just click the “How to Get Password?” page to ask upon me for the codes. 

Please be a useful witness of mine. It’ll surely help me alot in solving my cases.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Daily Thought[s]

It’s better to say nothing at all then saying something and tipped a quarell.

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The Lost and Love [FILE 12]

By : Vi 

Cast : Oh Sehun (EXO), Im Nayoung (OC)

Genre : Marriage Life, Romance, Angst

Length : Chaptered

Rating : PG-17

Disclaimer : I own the plot and the stories. This story is purely mine, I created it myself from my own wild imagination. Cast besides OC(s) belongs to God and their relatives. I might have posted this story on another blog. Last but not least, please don’t be plagiators and siders! Thank you for your concern.



FILE 1 // FILE 2// FILE 3 // FILE 4 // FILE 5 // FILE 6 // FILE 7 // FILE 8 // FILE 9 // FILE 10 // FILE 11

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